Perpetual Recycling Solutions

By Mike Bennett

Perpetual Recycling Solutions is the new face of manufacturing in Wayne County. It’s repurposing an abandoned manufacturing plant. It’s perfectly located. It’s using cutting-edge technology. It’s ecological. And it’s creating jobs in the plant and for the education centers that are helping develop its employees. The plant already is recycling 400,000 pounds of plastics every day. It’s exceeded its hiring goals with more than 100 working there already. There’s promise for more jobs and more ancillary businesses. All of this happened in the last 18 months.

How did this business find us? They got to know us, first. The owners came and visited with people, got to know economic-development officials as well as business owners. They talked to regular folks over lunch at local restaurants. They visited with people on the streets. They saw the vibrancy of the Depot District and noticed the quality-of-life aspects. They knew their managers wouldn’t be happy here if their families weren’t happy. They came out with a highly positive response. This is a family-friendly and inexpensive town that is situated well for serving a wide area. We sold ourselves. They are thrilled to be here.

CEO David Bender saw visionaries here, people working together for the future. One glowing example is the new Reid Hospital. It stands as a beacon of a strong — and healthy future — for the community. It has great location and a growing reach. And it’s willing to invest the money it takes to get the word out and attract high-level professionals.

Perpetual Recycling Solution’s process is unique to the United States. In fact, the machinery was developed and installed by Europeans. Besides that, the business has used local contractors to renovate the plant and its office. It’s working with local business and colleges to train workers. In a very little time, it’s become an entrenched part of our community.