An outdoor concert during Richmond’s Oktoberfest in the historic depot district. Photo courtesy of: Rafael Rivera

An outdoor concert during Richmond’s Oktoberfest in the historic depot district.
Photo courtesy of: Rafael Rivera

Think convenience and connectedness. Think community and diversity of cultures. Think colleges and collegiality. Wayne County works best because its individual parts work together. We have unity in our diversity of community assets.

We work to develop economically. That shows with many new industries, along with stability in older ones.

We work to grow educationally. That shows with an explosive growth in higher education. The numbers of students enrolled, whether starting out or making career changes, has reached one-fourth of the county’s population.

We work to become healthier and happier. That shows with a brand-new hospital and bike trail, both that are acclaimed around the region.

Each community is unique — but the foundation is unity. We are polycentric: That means we realize that what’s good is good for all.

That means our agriculture and manufacturing are interconnected. So are our schools and religious institutions. So are our neighborhoods and parks. So are our today and our tomorrow. It doesn’t mean, though, that we don’t disagree at times. We have spirited discussions, simply because we have thousands of residents who care. That caring shows with a road system that is the best in the region, offering easy access to every town and anywhere beyond. Accessibility is an amazing asset here. We can safely reach anywhere in the county within a half-hour and to a big city within an hour (or a little more).

Our local governments are strong with steady hands at the wheel. We have managed to avoid many of the financial pitfalls that have befallen many other communities. We have unmatched safety with police and fire departments that protect us across the county.

We have business people who realize that working together reaps big benefits. Therefore, we have a downtown area in Richmond that is growing up around a fantastic old train depot. The Depot Area is alive with an increasing array of restaurants, shops and museums that blend a unique history with a unique entertainment experience. You can literally feel the spirit there as new businesses and festivals bring it alive.

Like the Depot Area, the whole area is taking off. People are noticing here and from afar. It’s a place where college students can blend with tourists, farmers with furniture lovers, and antique hunters with artisans of fine wines.

There is so much more to see and do in the District Depot — and that goes for the whole area. Our community assets run deep. They are diverse. They are delightful. They can be yours, too.