Reid Health

It’s impossible to travel the roads around Richmond and the region without seeing the proactive presence and sensing the compassionate spirit that define Reid Health.

Bike riders take to the streets by the hundreds each summer in the increasingly popular ReidRide.

Reid’s logo is proudly displayed on dozens of doctors’ offices, rehab centers and specialty clinics. Billboards advise men and women about free prostate and breast cancer screenings and tell about upcoming community events.

A $200,000 “green roof” on the main building tower tells patients and passers-by that Reid is committed to a clean future for the environment.

These noticeable efforts are only a few parts of a constant quest to deliver excellent health care — as well as provide a better quality of life.

Reid is rooted in philanthropy: Famed industrialist Daniel Reid seeded the hospital with a gift of $130,000 in the early 1900s.

The health system and its charitable foundation have given back that investment by a thousand-fold ever since. They provide millions of dollars each year for indigent care and for programs that spread health awareness. They provide low-cost health screenings and forums about wellness.

One prime example is the BRAvo! initiative that puts the focus on a major community need: making mammograms affordable to everyone. The innovative effort is focused on awareness, fun and fund-raising.

Reid’s philanthropy is visible in other ways. It donated a historical downtown building that sits at the crossroads of Richmond, the corner of National Road and U.S. 27. It will be used to enhance ongoing economic-development efforts.

In a similar vein, Reid provides athletic training services at many area schools that reach more than 3,200 students.

Reid Health does a lot more as a community leader to enhance quality of life. Doctors and officers sit on the boards of all major community organizations. Employees willingly donate hours and dollars by the thousands each year.

All of the efforts add to the humanity of our community. They say that Reid only provides the best in health care and community caring.